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How can Task4Work improve your Mobile Workforce Management?

Task4Work enables you to improve on how you manage your mobile workforce through the following functions:

Mobile Workforce Permanent Access

1. Permanent Access

From any location and on any device, Task4Work includes various access modes based on user-roles.


Access via the web application from a computer or any other mobile or static device.

Mobile Workforce

Use the mobile App (available
on Android and iOS)

Other profiles

such as Supervisors, Analysts or Administrators.

All workers have access to relevant information shown in the appropriate context. The necessary information is provided in a timely manner, speeding up processes, improving decision‐making and reducing errors.

2. Optimizing job-allocation

Taking into account shifts, availability, skills and the location of field workers.

There are several drag & drop job-allocation modes that provide Task4Work with excellent usability features. Including features to set priorities and alerts.

Greater efficiency of the whole team,

through an increased number of tasks that each field technician can perform and a reduction in the time required to resolve incidents which ultimately leads to an increased customer satisfaction.

3. Real-time control of activities

The work-agenda makes it possible to view the current status of all the tasks being carried out by the field techs in real-time.

Real-time control of the organization

to optimize resources and reduce costs without dependence on telephone calls and spreadsheets. An enhanced system to handle emergencies and unforeseen incidents in an optimal manner.


A powerful editor makes it possible to create different types of forms that allow field workers to gather relevant information while executing their tasks. This forms are shared in real time with the dispatchers/coordinators. It also works off line.

In addition, rules can be configured so that the different forms are automatically associated with the tasks depending on their typology.

All form responses can be then analyzed in the Task4Work Analytics module.


allows to have this information in real time and to analyze it in a simple way.


The location of every on-shift field worker is known at all times and in real-time and their jobs will be associated with an exact location.

Other functions such as route optimization which indicates the ideal route based on traffic conditions from the first to the last job.

Field service technicians can also view the location of their jobs on a map and activate the navigation feature to help them reach the sites.

Centralized control and route optimization utilities

to reduce travel-time, increase organization-productivity and cut costs.

6. Reports

Task4Work includes advanced sorting and searching options to handle lists of tasks and field service techs. As a result it is possible to export a wide-range of up-to-date reports from the moment they are executed.

It is also possible to generate up-to-date Field Service Management scorecards that clearly display the company’s state of activity. In addition, detailed files of an analytical nature are generated and can be used by Business Intelligence systems and staff. This is made possible via Task4Work Analytics.

A clear overview of all field service operations results

in a better decision‐making process for all business development.

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