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The Task4Work application enables your business to optimize its Field Service Management

Task4Work helps dispatchers and field workers alike to work more efficiently and increase productivity. Task4Work adds intelligence, control and speed to all task-related processes. Task4Work is a customizable solution with the potential to integrate with other systems. Fully built on Google platform. Being 100% cloud‐based, there is no need for installation or any form of maintenance by the company.

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Task4Work optimizes the management and organization of your company, enabling it to:

  • Improve the efficiency of your Field Service thanks to shorter- travel time between work orders and the consequent increase in the number of tasks that field techs can perform each day.
  • Handle tasks based on urgency considerations, establishing priorities and alerts.
  • The geolocation of field service techs and jobs, in addition to route and traffic optimization utilities.
  • Control your field service activities in a centralized manner and in real-time, optimizing resources and cutting costs.
  • Handle tasks, whether planned or urgent/same-day requests.
  • Customize access levels, making it possible to work securely with outsourced field workers and external dispatchers.
  • Manage different departments or clients as it is possible to operate with different work orders.
  • Optimize job-allocation based on urgency, location, required skills and field technicians’ agendas.
  • Reduce incident resolution time and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Prepare detailed activity reports so that you can come to the best decision based on the analyzed information.
  • Gather field information in real time through customizable forms.
Tools that will simplify your job
Cloud Field Service Management

Access Task4Work from any location and on any device. Forget about investments in hardware and maintenance.

Field Service Management Mobile App

Mobile App
Application for mobile workforce available on Android and iOS.

Field Service Management Customizable

Create, change or delete fields linked to field technicians’ tasks. Change your organization when necessary. Change the business rules, configure new notifications...

Field Service Management Seamless Integration

Task4Work provides web services that enable seamless integration with any external system.

Field Service Management High Usability

High usability features that speed up and optimize your dispatchers’ , field service technicians’ daily tasks, and overall Field Service Management.

For Dispatchers
Split-screen view with various interactions, advanced search options, list export, videoconference with field technicians, attach files to work orders...

For Field Service Technicians
Advanced search options, attach files (including photos and videos), videoconference with dispatchers, route advice to the job-location taking traffic conditions into account, as well as the registration and auto-assignation of tasks.

Improve your company’s Field Service
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